Empowering Community

BellyMelly is a platform that provides help to the local communities with every single order that goes through our platform so BellyMelly is not just another food ordering platform. We empower local communities and build an ecosystem where organisations can raise funds with the help of their local communities.

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BellyMelly Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem comprises various modules, each designed to empower your local organisation. We can help you raise funds through your local restaurants. Each time local restaurant receives orders, BellyMelly gives back a certain percentage of that order for your fund. We ensure that customers and restaurants takes a pledge too to give back to your local organisation.

Driving Community Growth

We are all part of this Journey!
We have structured our platform to improve the wellbeing of your community. 1-5% of every order goes back to the community or an organisation of customers choice, raising awareness and funds for local issues, are some of its many aspects.


Create Your Own Donation Code

BellyMelly creates your organisation specific code so each time customer uses that code while placing an online food order, you receive a donation.

Run a Fundraising Campaign

BellyMelly helps you raise capital for a local organisation and at the same time share the journey with supporters.

Reach Locals

Reach your local community with a cause and make them aware of why we are here and raising funds.

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