Food With a Taste of Community

Our Mission

We are on a journey to create the most valuable local brand. We connect makers and eaters to enrich their lives through the power of specialization and technical expertise. Backed by generations of knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we give makers the platform and voice to take charge of their local restaurant, expand their coverage, and fill the world with authentic cuisine.

When passionate makers turn their craft into their livelihood, we all live happier, fuller lives. People stop accepting the homogenous, mass-produced food items of big chains and robotic trucks because the quality, variety, and authenticity of local restaurant is both hyper-convenient.

We believe local food isn't just food. It's a taste of community, a taste of culture, a taste of life.

What We Do
For Everyone

BellyMelly provides customers, restaurants, and local organizations the opportunity to connect through local food. We believe that people connect through food and local food isn't just food, it's a taste of community, a taste of culture, and a taste of life.

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For Restaurants

We help local restaurants discover long term customers, build their brands by providing a cutting edge online ordering solution. BellyMelly charges a very low commission from restaurant owners and does not practice often criticized discount centric approach for customer loyalty.

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For Community

BellyMelly is a food ordering ecosystem in which organizations of all shapes and sizes can raise funds with the help of their local communities. With every single order that is placed, BellyMelly donates a dollar $ to an organization of the customer's choosing.

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How technology is affecting the local industry
While we’re all hopeful that the pandemic leaves us soon and life gets back to normal, the reality isn’t that simple. We are now living in a “new normal”— one which values safety like never before. This new normal will require restaurateurs to manage their operations with social distancing in mind, including minimizing contact between customers and staff. As we continue...Page 4, Todays Restaurant (August 2020)
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Our Team

David Litchman

Founder / Advisor

Aditya Chaudhary


Sagar Dhingra




Gaurav Dhingra

Operation Manager

Himanshu Mehta

Product Specialist

Kushfee Anjum

Relationship Manager

Abhilash Pandey

Business Development Manager