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Our products include dynamic online ordering, branded mobile apps, contact free dine in ordering with QR codes, marketing support, and much more. We work with you to help drive sales to your restaurant and in the process help the communities you serve. All driven by the latest technology.
Your Own Online Ordering Solution in 7 Days
BellyMelly’s dynamic online ordering solution is one of the most powerful in the industry. It is fully customizable and is feature-rich. With multiple access points for the customer and a pricing model that incentives us to drive sales to the restaurant, working with BellyMelly is a true partnership.

New Edge

Smart, simple online ordering and delivery that puts your customers first. An intuitive interface that anyone can order from

Digital Marketing

Marketing tools that build long lasting customer relationships. Promote your online store with coupons, loyalty, and marketing campaigns.


BellyMelly provides real-time reporting on sales, items, net profit, and much more. See data over time, analyze it, implement what works best, and see your business grow.

Professional Support Team

Our support team works 24/7 for you and your customers so that we can provide the best online ordering experience.

BellyMelly Brings Customers Closer

Every time a customer orders from your restaurant they get to know your story, your brand, and what makes you unique. We help you build a closer bond with your customers, all the while giving back to the community with every order you serve.

Trusted by 1000+ Restaurants over 15 years
BellyMelly has been very supportive they provide real time support with dining menu, customer support is very friendly and overall system is very easy to understand.

Pockets Online

Raising money for local organizations is an important part of being part of the community. With BellyMelly's technology the process is simple for our customers and requires no extra work on my end. They handle everything! All I need to do is worry about providing the best experience to my customers as possible.

Stacked and Folded Evanston

What’s new at BellyMelly
Up-Sell Your Best Items

With our suggestive selling technology, you can increase sales with each and every order by offering items upon checkout to be added to the customer order.

Adapting To The COVID-19 Times

Corona has brought a new set of challenges for the restaurant industry and we continue to create new technology that helps the restaurant we serve.

Our Newest Features

Curbside Pickup - Now allow your customers to order online and then drive to your location to pick it up, without having to leave their car.

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