Belly Melly is an Indian based company that is supported by an established technology company in the United States called iMenu360. iMenu360 has been providing online ordering services to restaurants across the World since 2007. With years of experience behind it, Belly Melly enters the India Marketplace with a well-established product and process. Running restaurants is a demanding business and profit margins are narrow. While 3rd party providers are bringing new business the rates they charge are so high that in many cases restaurants lose money on those orders.

Belly Melly was created to help restaurant owners fight back against 3rd party providers by providing websites to restaurant owners that allow their customers to order directly from them. With processing costs at a fair rate(5%), Belly Melly restaurants now enjoy all the benefits of online ordering at a rate that makes sense. In actuality, with all the benefits online ordering provides (fewer mistakes, lower labor costs, higher average ticket) when a customer orders from the restaurant's website it turns out to be a big win.

Belly Melly employees are on a mission to help restaurant across India fight back against 3rd party providers (Swiggy, Zomato, etc) by providing a solution that makes good business sense. We are here to help you with this battle. We have established technology, years of experience and they know how to help your restaurant.

Why do you need your own website with online ordering?

When customers order from third party sites, the fees are often high (over 20%) and that makes those orders less profitable. More importantly, one of your loyal customers may go to a third party website to order instead of your website. Keeping your brand front and center, processing at 5%, and having your customers order directly from your website is proper and fair business practice.

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