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These are your customers, develop your brand and protect your business against 3rd parties.


Some customers want to be able to have a choice of restaurants to choose from.

BellyMelly clients also get listed on our portal at no additional cost.

What Customers Are Saying

Shera( Punjabi Tadka )

"Belly Melly has been very supportive they provide real time support with dining menu, customer support is very friendly and overall system is very easy to understand."

Rajeev(Chaap Factory and Chicken time)

"I am really pleased by the efforts of your company professionals as they really deliver with great attention to even the small details and also creativity. I am really impressed with the quality of the websites for my restaurants."

Johnny( Jhakkas Bombay Pav Bhaji )

"I recently switched my online meal ordering platform from a big company that was taking 22% of every order to your 5% online ordering platform. I am VERY PLEASED with your service —the ease of setup, functionality, multiple delivery zone, visually appealing layout and format at convenient price."

Mohit Thukral(Just 2Eat Express)

"I really like the concept of BellyMelly. It is trying to make restaurants aware of its individuality and to stop the dependency on the third parties. I am not only enjoying working with them, I also look forward to every engagement with them. BellyMelly is helping us to grow and become better versions of who we are as a business on a daily business."

Mirza( Lucknow Kebab )

"Accepting orders in real time on my smartphone was very handy. Now we can really get more orders faster without having the phone line as a bottleneck and the clients also love this."

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